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Dry fruit is essential for Good Health

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My Dry Food

Dry fruit is essential for Good Health

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Best California roasted pistachios benefits

Best California roasted pistachios benefits: Nowadays many people suffer from the problem of falling hair, lifeless hair, stagnant hair, and they are looking for ways to overcome it. You may not know that pistachios help strengthen hair. It also helps in removing lice from the hair.

Often, there is a stomach upset due to a mistake in eating and drinking, and due to this, the mouth smells. Sometimes such a problem is also caused by gum disease. The benefits of eating pistachios are found in this disease. If the gums are diseased, chew the pistil. With this, the problem of bad odor is cured.

Pista help to Fight Weakness

You can take the benefits of eating pistachios in physical weakness. This reduces physical and mental debility. For this, after roasting pistachio seeds are consumed.

Beneficial for Heart

Eating pistachios is beneficial for the heart because according to research, it is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol, which reduces the chances of getting heart disease.

The benefit of Pista in Cancer

Pistachio intake is helpful in cancer prevention. According to research, anti-cancer elements are found in pistachios which help in preventing cancer.

Where is Pista Dry Fruit Found or Grown

Pista tree is originally found in Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. Apart from this, it is cultivated in Italy, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, and Iraq in the world.

Benefits of pistachios for keeping hair healthy  

Consuming pistachios and applying pistachio oil to the hair are both beneficial as the vitamin-E found in it gives strength to the hair as well as the alkaline properties found in pistachios which remove the dryness of the scalp from the roots. Strengthens and prevents hair fall.

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Pistachio diets

Energy562 kcal
Carbohydrate27.51 grams
Fat45.39 grams
Protein20.27 grams
Vitamin C5.6 mg
Vitamin D0%
Calcium105 mg
Phosphorus490 mg

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